Watercolor Workshops in a Box

I’m getting creative with our new social-distancing reality. Please join me from the comfort of your own home for a watercolor workshop! We will be painting a seasonal picture, and each month features an emphasis on a new concept or technique. Here’s how it will work:

  1. I mail you a box of painterly goodies with everything you need for the workshop. Box includes a set of handmade watercolors (see note below), brush, watercolor paper, and anything else I might come up with! You can purchase kits in my Etsy shop here.
  2. You join me Live at a specified time on my Facebook page:
    The live video will also be available on my Facebook page afterwards if you can’t make that time.
    There will also be a video tutorial posted on my YouTube channel:
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0wVXS8cE_L7Dp2T0PWRWw, in case you do not use Facebook.
  3. I have teamed up with my amazing potter friend Lisa of Dault Pottery, to create and offer you beautiful studio supplies, like ceramic palettes, water cups, and paint pans. Go check her out and give them a follow.

About my handmade paint:

These highly-pigmented hand mixed and mulled watercolors are a delight to paint with! Unlike many watercolors made with dyes or fillers, these pure paints are only pigment, water, gum arabic, glycerin, honey, and clove oil. They have a much different texture than other paints, which adds to the joy of working with them.

Please note: This is artist grade paint; it is not intended for children. Also, watercolor pans are small and therefore a choking hazard. Please use only as intended!

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