You don’t need a lot of art supplies to create beautiful artwork, but you need do quality supplies.  Here are what I consider basic supplies for a homeschool art lesson:

Watercolors – buy the best you can afford.  A small set of student grade watercolor paint tubes is perfect.  Buy a couple plastic palettes so each child can have their own place to mix.

Brushes – Crayola makes nice sets that you can buy at Target or on Amazon.  They come in a variety of sizes; I have even taken one of my kid’s Crayola brushes for my professional work!

Tempera – Discount School Supply makes quality art materials, and they have a nice set of tempera paints in many colors at a reasonable price.

Paper – Watercolor paper is nice to use for many projects.  You can just buy 9″ x 12″ pads of paper, then tear off and use as necessary.

I also really like to use colored construction paper for many lessons.  Starting with a color other than white is a benefit in many art lessons.  There are many options for packs of construction paper.  9″ x 12″ and 12″ x 18″ are both great to have available.

Oil pastels – These are easy to use and vibrant, great for kids art.  Messy, so be prepared for cleanup and prepare accordingly.   If they get on the floor, use a dry cloth to clean up, not wet.

Black markers – Try to have one per child, and keep them put away when not in use.  They do not have to be fine tips; a regular black Sharpie is perfect.  Black outlines can really make an artwork pop, and we use them a lot!

Table coverings – Do yourself a favor and figure out a system you can use to cover your work area so you can relax and enjoy the process a bit more!  I have a large roll of kraft paper that I keep in our pantry.  Two long strips of paper and the table is covered and ready to go!