My Book

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My book, Colorways, Watercolor Flowers, is available to purchase on Amazon, or in my Etsy shop.

Suggested Watercolor Sets for use with my book: (I do not receive any compensation from these links; they are purely for your convenience!)

  1. Artist Loft Pan Watercolors, 36 colors 
  2. Size 8 round brush
  3. Canson Watercolor paper
Image (1)
  1. Size 8 round brush
  2. Canson watercolor paper
  3. Koi 24 pan watercolor sketch box
  4. Pentel waterbrush set
Image (2)
  1. Canson watercolor paper
  2. Case for Making handmade watercolors, combo set
  3. Beginner brush set, Rosemary and Co. handmade artist brushes
  4. Handmade ceramic watercolor cup with brush rest
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