Homeschool Art Lessons

Hello!  Welcome to my homeschool section where you will find fun, easy and meaningful art lessons for your homeschool.  I am pleased to offer these lessons for free; if you complete a lesson, I would love to hear how it went!

Some background about me: I went to school for art education, graduated, got married, and spent two color-ful years teaching elementary art to grades K-8.  I had 18 sections of art a week, did a different project with each grade level, and had a blast!

With the birth of our first child, I was able to return to nurturing my own creativity, and now license and sell my watercolor art to companies.  My first watercolor book for adults is coming out December 4, 2018.

In the meantime, four more little bundles came along, and now I find myself homeschooling our five young children.  We use a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, and I have that in mind as I create these lessons.  Many of them will correlate to something we are currently learning about in our curriculum.  Some, like the Robins in Winter lesson, are inspired by something outside of the windows on the farm.

The following pages provide some more in-depth information on setting up your home art program:




Artboard 1        Fox-and-Goose

Robins in Winter                                Fox and Goose